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The Dojo™ is your Sanctuary to Break Through Energetic Blocks, Grow Your Audience & Confidently Attract Star Clients!

YOU have a dream to grow your beautiful business, authentically express yourself and live your ideal lifestyle making a difference in our world.

WE have the tools, support and Simple Plan That Works™ to make your big dream happen for you in 2021 -- in a much simpler and easier way! 

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Creating a freedom-based lifestyle doing what you love is simple so long as you know how to...
  1. Command Your Frequency + Clear Your Energetic Blocks
  2. Break Through Your Visibility Fears + Grow Your Audience
  3. Confidently Enroll Clients + Make Money Doing What You Love
This is exactly what we show you how to do in the Dojo… with Ease!

In The Diamond Dojo™ Membership
You’ll Get:

  • Live Exclusive Workshops + Online Events every month to raise your confidence & live on purpose! 
  • Quarterly Content Planning Blueprint™ to consistently grow your audience all year
  • Your Big Dream Made Simple™ Business Plan that makes it easy to enroll clients you LOVE working with … It can be SIMPLE!
  • Live Authenticity Circle™ group coaching call every month with Veronica 
  • AMAZING private community of heart-centered entrepreneurs + leaders of LOVE 
  • Mindset Guidance and Frequency Coaching every Monday

Your monthly investment is only
$199 $149 TODAY!

* 3-month minimum membership.  We've intentionally created this value-packed program for those who are committed to getting REAL + LASTING RESULTS.


See What The Dojo Community is Saying...

More Testimonials


I’m so happy to have found Veronica and Jason, and the amazing community they’ve created in the Dojo. Their support and compassion has allowed me to come exactly as I am, to be vulnerable and real with my fears, and to learn how to stand unapologetically in my own unique, powerful truth, knowing I have much to offer the world. And the knowledge and resources they provide have given me valuable tools to take my coaching and spiritual-centered business to the next level. Being in this amazing community of like-minded souls has given me the strength and support to bloom. And for that, I’m forever grateful. The combination of being in inspired action mode while also helping others look within to heal and thrive is the most amazing place I've ever been career-wise! And I'm starting to really believe what's possible. Thanks for all you and Veronica do for all of us - the change in my frequency and overall thoughts about my business has been HUGE!

– Anne Pawlowski 

Certified Life & Spiritual Growth Coach


I would absolutely recommend the Dojo! I would recommend it to anyone who is seeking to thrive emotionally. Not just heal...but move beyond that into the most expansive version of themselves!  The Dojo is a safe, supportive and uplifting container to facilitate that level of growth.

Cait Gossmann-Bond - Rewired for Joy Founder


I am lacking words to express what I feel... I cannot thank you enough for your message and your generous gift. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

When I just finished watching your training, I stood on my balcony, looked into the sky and had tears in my eyes. I'm not kidding! You have lifted and propelled me so much with this half an hour training. It gave me so much more clarity on how to make an offer at the end of the challenge. 

It has opened my eyes on the importance of making the enrollment calls the call to action at the end of the challenge - rather than directly pitching my 3-month programme to ALL the participants ! This is what I had done at the past two occasions - now I know why it may not have worked in the past. It feels as if my frustrations are gone from my shoulders. Thank you!!

With so much love and gratitude to you and Jason.


My favorite part of the Dojo is that I can regularly meet up with beautiful people who challenge and inspire me.Jason and Veronica have established an emphasis on authenticity and personal attention, and the other members carry this forward as well so that I feel seen, heard, and understood. The biggest shift I have experienced since joining the Dojo has been foremost personal and spiritual, but this has affected my business as well.

My mind, my attitude, and even my body has begun to heal as I’ve re-awoken to feelings that I haven't experienced in years.  I’ve begun radically accepting myself and speaking my truth even when it frightens me, and I’ve learned not only that I love myself but I actually LIKE myself!  

I am still in the midst of this transformation, but I am turning the energy of this time into growing my business (I tripled my sales in the last year since joining the Dojo), getting fit (I have lost 25 lbs), building relationships friendships with friends, my children, the Dojo community and a new church, and bolstering my skills to serve and help heal others by securing a degree in occupational therapy.  

Without all the guidance and support of my Dojo community to guide me into transmuting this energy into something positive, I can only imagine that I could have had a serious breakdown.  

Jennie - Mother & Soon to be Occupational Therapist


I love so many things about the Dojo, but I think my favorite part is when other Dojo family members share their triumphs, obstacles. milestones and questions! The biggest shifts I have from those moments are in the realizations and awareness's about myself that arise from listening to others and hearing the guidance you and Veronica offer. Those are my greatest moments of growth and inspire me to be the best version of myself! 

At one point in the Dojo,  I realized that in order to have one thing I desire, I have to give up something else or sacrifice something. This belief that I have to struggle to have anything worthwhile has shown up in so many places and parts of my life and I am gradually unwinding this and realizing that I am entitled to everything I want just by virtue of being here!

I would say to anyone thinking of joining the Dojo that if they make the sessions a priority and show up with a great amount of presence, they will have no other option but to move themselves forward towards their greatest desires. The Dojo keeps me focused on my goals and aspirations and will do the same for you! 

Alyssa - Coach & Law Consultant


To successfully grow your audience you've gotta have a simple-clear plan that works.

To turn a dream from a hobby into an actual business, you need to know how to confidently convert videos into paying clients using a very specific blueprint.

Who is this for?

Coaches, healers, yogis & heart-centered business owners inspired to Confidently Make a Meaningful Difference in our world! Whether you already have a business or simply want to raise your vibration and find your voice, the dojo is for you.

What do I get?

As a Dojo member— you get access to live online events and exclusive workshops every month with Veronica and Jason, monthly live group coaching call with Veronica, amazing private community of heart-centered entrepreneurs, mindset guidance & frequency coaching every Monday, and Your Big Dream Made Simple™ step-by-step business plan.

Do I get bonuses when I join?

  • MASTERING YOUR MONEY MINDSET™: Rescript Your Money Story, Attract Dream Clients, and Create Anything You Want!
  • ANXIETY BREAKTHROUGH KIT: Let us show you how to coach yourself and others through the most stressful moments, transforming anxiety into genuine peace.  
  • EMBODIED MEDITATION SCHOOL: Move from overthinking into deep trust in yourself and feel genuinely fulfilled with your life  
  • GET CLEAR + FULLY EXPRESS YOUR MESSAGE 5-PART TRAINING: Get crystal clear on your message, your mission, your expertise and your story as you free yourself and your voice into confident leadership with this value-packed program.

If you’re ready to break through your energetic blocks and create a freedom-based lifestyle doing what you truly love...

You've found your place + your people!  


Join this amazing community for only
$199 $149 TODAY!

* 3-month minimum membership. We've intentionally created this value-packed program for those who are committed to getting REAL + LASTING RESULTS.

15-Day Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Dojo membership is backed by a 15-day, no-risk and no-cost, satisfaction guarantee. That means if you change your mind for any reason within the first 15 days, you may cancel your membership with no obligation and no cost to you.






You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Yes, everything that we offer live will be recorded and available to you as long as you’re a member in the Dojo.

There is a 15-day no risk cancellation policy. After that, you can cancel your membership at any time after your 3-month introductory period.

No, you don’t need to be on Facebook to be part of the Dojo. You can still access all the live workshops, business trainings and coaching calls. However, there is private community interaction held in the private Facebook group.

Most of the content is in video format. Some trainings also include worksheets and audios for your convenience. 

  • Feeling scattered, overwhelmed or stuck in self doubt
  • Energetic blocks that keeps you from moving forward and being visible
  • Taking courageous action and then finding yourself shrinking back in fear
  • Being paralyzed by what people are thinking of you
  • Wasting time in endless "to do's" and never getting around to what you TRULY love
  • Feeling like you never have enough time, money and/or energy
  • Being frozen in confusion and frustration, not knowing what simple steps to take to attract clients and grow your business
  • Letting the challenges of these times limit your vibration and hold you back
  • Spinning your wheels, not making enough money nor feeling like you're enough
  • Feeling discouraged because you don't have clear direction - nothing you're doing is bringing results!
  • Hiding behind excuses, perfectionism, procrastination and not consistently moving forward in your business…



A miracle is unfolding on our planet right now - and YOU are an essential part of it!


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