Ready to DEEPEN in Meditation +  Presence?

Join Veronica + Jason in this New Meditation Immersion to Reset Your Mind, Raise Your Frequency & Shine Every Day!

You not only get one mentor, but you get TWO mentors guiding you in real time, helping you establish yourself in Presence and cultivate a deep, fulfilling connection to your True Self.

Starting on Saturday May 25th | 4-Week Program


Are You Ready to Flourish + Thrive?

We're standing for you! We completely understand that you want to thrive in your life and with your soul-centered purpose, but you’ve been bumping up against overwhelm, depletion or some other block that has been stopping you ... are we right?

If so, this is exactly why we've created this Presence immersion especially for you. This is your sanctuary to ground into your meditation practice, set the foundation for radical self-confidence and live in energetic alignment with the genuine luminary you are here to be. 



a person who inspires or influences others; a natural light-giving body.



> Overcome fear of rejection and confidently bring your gift into the world
> Free yourself from overwhelm and stabilize into complete clarity
> Realign yourself with prosperity and an abundance mindset 
> Overcome "analysis paralysis" and naturally move into glorious unstoppable action
> Learn a full proof technique to get clarity any time you want it
> Feel at ease in your own skin even when all eyes are on you

We're here to hold the space for you to safely awaken into the authentic peaceful YOU!



An Energy Reset Experience to align you with the Meaningful Difference you were born to make

In this 4-week experience, we're going on a beautiful adventure in real time, revealing the ONE secret to spiritual liberation and deep fulfillment.

We're taking you to what the yogis, mystics and shamans refer to as the "final frontier" of human consciousness where unshakable peace is accessed at any time. This is the centerpiece of our lives and what we believe is at the heart of truly shining as a luminary. Come join us and an inspiring global community to relax into your True Nature, tap into Lasting Wellbeing and set the necessary foundation to Flourish.


What is Different About the Embodied Luminary?

There are a lot of teachers, speakers and coaches out there, but few who are embodying the frequency necessary to naturally stimulate lasting transformation. The difference between someone who sparks change in our world, and someone who preaches but doesn’t create lasting results comes down to ONE essential component … their state of consciousness.

Some people meditate and practice gratitude from time to time but, truth be told, their lives and missions suffer because they’ve got it backwards. They’ve been putting "doing" before BEING. They spin into draining  action rather than being established in Presence first and moving into inspired action from there.

Our mission is to help luminaries tap into their greatest value and masterfully embody PRESENCE every day!

• • • 

What Makes the Embodied Luminary Foundations School Special?

For four solid weeks, we are coming together in REAL TIME to explore and establish higher states of consciousness.

How often are you invited into the deepest, most fulfilling dimension of who you truly are?

Unlike most programs that clog your mind with more to think about, Embodied Luminary Foundations School is focused on reconnecting you with your True Self first, so you stay centered while serving others powerfully.

We invite YOU on this liberating adventure into living your DEEPEST CALLING.  


> 3 Energy Recalibration Virtual Retreats (Saturdays from 11am -1pm PST: May 25, June 8 and June 22 | 2019)

> 3 LIVE Embody Radiance Morning Meditation Sits

> 3 LIVE Refreshed Mind Evening Meditation Sits 

> Powerful Accountability and Community

> Direct Mentoring (receive clarity and get your questions personally answered)

* LOVE NOTE: All live retreats + sits are recorded for your convenience



> Ancient daily practices to calm and refresh the modern "monkey mind"

How to Align your focus and concentration with what empowers you daily

How to break through your brilliance blocks and unlock innate vitality

Daily practices to cleanse and restore your three power centers

An energetic shift to help you courageously move forward and establish momentum behind your mission

> Deep foundational peace no matter where you are or who you are with

> Clarity Any Time You Want It!


We Are Extending our Hands to You…

Imagine trying to build a house without a foundation. Would it even go up? If so, how long would it stay standing? We know that if you have landed here you were born to be a lighthouse in this world.

The thing we never want to see again is people with big hearts getting swallowed up by a busy world and dimming their light as a result. 

The more present and confident you are, the brighter our world is … It’s that simple! Our hearts are full as we welcome you to stand shoulder to shoulder with us as the luminary you were born to be!

Veronica + Jason

Let's Do This, Luminary!

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