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Deep down you know you were born to make a difference in people’s lives, are we right?

You’ve simply needed the right skills and guidance to support you in powerfully coaching with confidence & clarity.

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Confidently Live Your Authentic Purpose

Diamond Process™ Coach Training Program

Are you inspired to be a masterful life coach with unshakable confidence and deep sense of purpose?


The Self Mastery Training Program

Are you ready to overcome your inner obstacles and limiting beliefs so you can freely leap into your most inspiring vision?


The Diamond Dojo™ Membership Site

This is your sanctuary for breaking through your biggest blocks & creating a freedom lifestyle doing the work you LOVE!  Ya' ready?


Meet Veronica & Jason

Veronica & Jason are the founders of the Diamond Process™ Coach Training program. Combined, they have over 35 years of experience with life coaching and the healing arts.

With their wisdom and inspiration, they have empowered thousands of their clients, students and coaches to live more empowered fruitful lives and careers.

Together, they are here to support you in being an inspirational luminary ~ profoundly living your deeper purpose while being of service to yourself, your friends & family, your community and the world.

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"I have gone from just starting a business to now having a steady flow of clients and raising my rates almost 5 times where they initially started at. The business support aspect of the program was invaluable but what I found was the most transformative, was the deep inner work. I was able to move through many of the fears, programs and limiting beliefs that were keeping me stuck and move to developing a more loving relationship with myself."

Belinda Hayward
Health Coach

"I am forever grateful for all that you both are and offer to the world. I couldn’t have chosen better people to learn from."

Mandy Schut
Certified Diamond Process™ Coach

"As a leader in the healing arts, I needed to step up my own healing so I could optimally serve my clients and not burn out doing it. This work has helped me move beyond the limiting beliefs and negative emotions that were keeping me from feeling fully confident in my work. "

Carina Nickerson
Embodied Mindfulness Coach


Using Everyday Triggers to Awaken the Treasure Within. 

With radically honest, personal stories, and practical inspiring solutions, Veronica guides you on a journey that has the power to awaken your true purpose, turning challenging times into opportunities for personal transformation.



Unlock True Power & Actualize Your Coaching Success FREE MASTERCLASS

Sign up for our 5 Keys to Stellar Coaching Success and discover how to leap from your comfort zone into the Money Zone.



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