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The Diamond Process™ Coach Training Certification Program

An exclusive 6-month life coach certification program dedicated to helping you become a transformational coach, attract your ideal clients, and make a greater impact through implementing the 4 Cornerstones of Masterful Coaching Success. 

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The Self Mastery Training Program

Are you ready to overcome your inner obstacles and limiting beliefs so you can freely leap into your most inspiring vision?

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Embodied Luminary Foundations School

Energy Reset Experience to prepare you for the Meaningful Difference you were born to make

In this 4-week training, we are going on a beautiful adventure, revealing the ONE secret to spiritual liberation and deep fulfillment.

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The Diamond Process™ Mendocino Retreat 

Genuinely Be the Most Confident Person You Know! Defeat self-doubt at this life-changing retreat. Come join us for this 4-day Diamond Process™ immersion to recharge your body, mind and spirit while clearly stepping into your new, thriving vision for your life.

Retreat Dates: September 18 - 22, 2019 

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