Drop the Doubt & Become the Masterful Coach You're Here to be

In the Energetics of Masterful Coaching™ FREE Masterclass you'll discover how to clear your biggest fears & confidently make your coaching dream real ... PLUS we're giving you the MISSING KEY for unlocking your unique wisdom & limitless value.


The Diamond Process™ Coach Training + Mentorship Program

This is an intimate 6-month life coach certification program dedicated to helping you become a masterful coach, attract your ideal clients, and make a life-changing impact on yourself and your future clients.


Deep down you know you were born to make a difference in people’s lives.

You’ve simply needed the right skills and guidance to support you in gracefully coaching with confidence & clarity.

Self Mastery + Soul Work

Imagine being able to coach your clients with total confidence & clarity. This is why we start the program with you & your inner work. Self Mastery is the foundation to Masterful Coaching.

Video Marketing + Confident Soul Centered Business Skills

We designed this so you can be comfortable being visible & authentic as you learn the simplified biz. skills to having a thriving coaching practice.

Deep Coaching Skills

This is where you're given the tools, techniques & inner-confidence to assure that every coaching session you offer will be beneficial and highly valuable for your clients.

“In the Field” Coach Mentoring

You'll get the hands-on practice, support & guidance you need to feel confident in yourself and your ability to apply the skills you’ve learned for stellar coaching.

Short, Digestible Video Trainings

Peer Practice Mini-Sessions

Live Group Coaching + Personal Mentoring

The 7-Step Diamond Process™ system certification

Done-for-you coaching sequences + skill sheets

Video, Business & Marketing Training

Accountability + Step-by-Step Guidance

DP Coaching Community

“What is a Diamond Process™ Coach and can I get my life coach certification online?”

Meet us and hear our Diamond Process™ coaches share about their transformational experiences from the program.



If you know you're ready to become a spiritual life coach now, schedule a call with us, and we'll get you started on living your bigger purpose now!

Waking up Saturday morning feeling in your heart that you're on the divinely perfect path for you. You're starting the first day of the rest of your life. 

You've found your Soul-centered mentors and community where you feel safe and held to be completely - authentically you. 

After your tea and breakfast, you light a candle and wave some palo santo to set your sacred space. You have time and space to settle into yourself just before you join your soul family for your transformational life coach training program. 

The Zoom call begins and you exhale, feeling at ease seeing the other loving faces who greet you. Once the session begins, you and your Diamond Family drop into Presence. You feel connected to the peaceful power pulsing within you. You can hear your inner guidance, feeling connected and nourished, instantly knowing you're exactly where you're meant to be.

You're in a coach training program that embraces you as you are & encourages you in living a life true to yourself.

By the time the session is complete, you can't believe how good you feel, how much clarity you've gained, and how confident you are about your future. 

You're on your way to living your calling and being the heart-centered coach that you're called to be. 

You place your hands on your heart as a smile emerges on your face ... you've found your place and your people. 

What This Program is NOT:

  • This is not a b.s. overnight certification
  • This is not some surfaced commercialized training
  • This is not a coach training factory where you’re just a “butt in a seat”
  • This is not a generic, incomplete coach training program that only works on the external outcomes.
  • NOTE: This program is for you if you're committed to your inner growth and you're willing to put in the time + work to become a masterful coach. If this is you, then this is your home.

Expand Your Soul's Evolution + Grow Your Dream Coaching Business

This is your opportunity to be relaxed and comfortable in yourself and authentically able to make a positive, life-changing difference in your life and your soon-to-be clients' lives.

"My confidence level took off from the time I actually started it to the time I finished. "

Susan Dolci

"I highly recommend this program for anybody wanting to become a coach as well as anybody already working in the mental health field desiring to bring a more holistic approach to their educational foundation."

Tiffany Malnar

"I am a coach!! I did not start this program imagining I would have a coaching business, but once we finished the class work and started the “In the Field” training, I took it seriously, I found 2 clients to train on, and I took it from there. I now have clients I see in house and distance. All of that is because of the training, and the quality of the material that Jason and Veronica have brought to the program."

Leone Dyer

"I am abundantly grateful to you both for this valuable and incredibly meaningful training. I learned so much and now have a career that utilizes my gifts. I have gained precious friendships and soul connections. I know more of my own worth and the importance of self-care. I know how great it feels to make a positive difference in people's lives."

Kim Broniman

"It is extremely powerful, the way Veronica and Jason teach you how to coach."

Dominique Hamoir

"The Diamond Process™ Coach training program has been a life changing experience. On top of becoming a coach, I learned the most important lesson...how to create a loving, compassionate relationship with myself. Because of this profound shift I became very clear about what I want, defining my boundaries and being OK with enforcing them. How I show up in the world today is very different from how I was showing up a year ago."

Pilar Aguayo

What Graduates are Saying ...

Masterfully Help Others Using Intuitive-Transformational Coaching Skills: Learn and apply masterful coaching skills from Veronica + Jason (40+ years of combined experience) that are designed for you to trust in yourself and your ability to make a meaningful and lasting difference in your clients' lives.
Step into a Cocoon of Love & Wisdom:  For 6 months you will have consistent guidance and support from Veronica + Jason + Your Peers + DP Graduates. You'll be held in a safe space with deep connection so you can explore and grow into the confident & amazing coach you're meant to be.
Relax into a Plan that Works: Feel the ease of being given step-by-step support that starts with your own personal growth all the way into embodying coaching mastery and using simplified business skills to build a beautiful coaching practice you love.
Confidently Live Your Calling: Come as your Authentic Self and be encouraged & celebrated by your spiritual family of fellow empaths and big-hearted souls. You'll be met with a depth of love and appreciation for your unique soul's purpose and encouraged to share your natural ability of helping others as an effective transformational coach.


Imagine being able to coach your clients with total confidence & clarity. This is why we start the program with you & your inner work. Self Mastery is the foundation of Masterful Coaching™. You can only take your clients as far as you’ve been. So, the more committed you are to your personal growth & self-care, the more effective you become in coaching others.

During the first 7 weeks of the program you'll get the support and training you need to coach yourself through any obstacle (inside and out). You’ll receive short, digestible video lessons during the week and every other weekend we meet live with you and your peers on Zoom, directly answering your questions. You’ll also get to practice your skills with your peers and get loving-constructive feedback from Veronica + Jason on your development … experiential learning at its best. These first seven weeks of the program are often life-changing in the most empowering way!


This is where you're given the tools, techniques, & inner-confidence to assure that every coaching session you offer will be beneficial and highly valuable for your clients. We take everything you’ve learned in your life, including in Self Mastery, and give you the skills to transform your wisdom into masterfully coaching your clients in every session. 

Monday - Thursday you’ll be watching the short, digestible video lessons to learn transformational & cutting edge coaching skills. Then, during the live sessions every other Saturday you’ll practice your new coaching skills, get loving-constructive feedback on your abilities, and Veronica + Jason will answer any questions that have come up during the week.


Now it’s time for hands-on practice. While you’re offering your coaching with your practice clients, family, friends, and even paying clients we return together on live Zoom sessions so you get the support & guidance you need to feel confident in yourself and your coaching. This is a rapid confidence booster as you get customized feedback to ensure you break through your biggest coaching blocks and step into stellar coaching. 

In other words, where most aspiring coaches fall and give up, this is where you rise and excel beyond some of the best coaches out there. This is your time to become rooted and certain in your greatness and vast coaching capacity. This is when you step into the version of yourself who can truly make an amazing difference in your clients’ lives. The whole journey leading up to “In the Field” prepares you for this powerful facet of the certification program.


We designed this so you can be comfortable being visible & authentic as you learn the simplified business skills Veronica + Jason use in their own coaching practices so you can thrive in yours, too. This is a fruitful and joyful training ground for attracting paying clients without the overwhelm that so many empath entrepreneurs face. This is about using your authentic voice to grow a business that nurtures you and your energy so you can show up with a full cup for yourself, your loved ones, and your clients.

In this facet of the training you’ll be gaining strong confidence and the speaking skills you need to be magnetic on video, in-person, or any other platform you choose to use to serve your growing audience. You’ll also be utilizing foundational promotion, marketing, and enrollment skills for organically growing your coaching practice.  


The Diamond Process™ Coach Training + Mentoring Program is an infinite opportunity available to a finite number of qualified students.

The Diamond Process™ Coach Training team endeavors to make this transformational program and integrative system accessible to a small, intimate group of highly qualified applicants. Tuition can be paid via a convenient monthly payment plan or paid in full.

The Exclusive Diamond Process™ Coach Training Program 

If you're ready to be powerfully guided & supported into your greatest potential as a coach, then we invite you to apply now.


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