How to Overcome Feeling Like a Fraud

“I feel like a total fraud. Whenever I have friends come to me for help and ask me for advice, I help them any way I can. They often seem to feel better after talking with me and are grateful for  my support. But, I feel like a fraud.”


This new client continues, “I hear the words in my head say, “Who are you to help this person? You can’t follow this advice yourself. You don’t know anything. Look at you! What have you really done that means anything? How can you help anyone if you don’t even know your own purpose?” I feel like a fraud and want to feel authentic.”


If you’ve ever felt like a fraud in your own life, this letter is for you!


The natural question is, “Where does that feeling of being a fraud come from?”


Really, before reading further, take a moment and ask yourself, “When I’ve felt or feel like a fraud, where does that feeling originate? Or, why is that...

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