How to Find Your Passion in Life

“Between 1 & 10, what’s your level of excitement with all the juicy ideas you have for your joyous-passion career?”


I ask this to my client, Judy who I’ve been supporting to revive her purpose and discover her passion in life.


Judy flatly replies, “Six or seven.”


I squint my eyes as my jaw drops open a little bit. I can’t hide my surprise. I then follow with, “I’m a little confused. Let’s go through the list of possibilities.”


Judy reluctantly lifts a list of possible passion ideas that we unearthed in session last week. Some of these ideas she shared were a 12 in joy! Today, she’s at a six or seven and I want to discover why this is.


She reads them off in a resistant-monotone voice, “Cooking classes - 6, Recipe book and blog - 5, Farmers Market in downtown - 7, Food Critic - 5, Jams and Marmalade - 6, Bed & Breakfast - 7, Yoga Studio - 7, Medical Clinic -...

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