The Courage to Stand for Peace

Jun 14, 2019

This modest middle aged man, Jamie stares out at a 1,000 people from stage. From a short distance away he doesn’t look that special with his khaki pants and button down shirt. Jamie’s looks declare average in every way... average height, average weight, average looks, etc.


I don’t know it yet, but I getting ready to be blown away by this seemingly average man.


After a few moments of introduction Jamie shuffles side to side with discomfort as he says hello behind the microphone. However he puts me and the whole audience at ease with a simple toss off about his uneasiness with being on stage. His preference he says is in the trenches rather than the stage.


Shortly in to his share, Jamie takes stride, his eyes beam with light as he ushers us on a journey from from Los Angeles to Afghanistan...


I’m in Kabul as the war relentlessly pounds the people of this country. I’ve seen it before in so many places. The locals are tired, as their country remains filled with uncertainty and assaulted with violence. Many tuck away their yearning for peace while they trod on to live.


There are many reasons why the war continues. Regardless, I have come as a beacon of peace. I feel every person on this earth has a right to a safe zone of peace. After a year of cultivating meditation centers in and outside of Kabul, success begins to take stride. Locals are re-opening a door to hope and possibility. My heart burns for these people. They deserve a fair handshake with life and a safe space to rediscover the jewels within.


The success of the peace meditation gatherings angers some of the local mercenaries. They feel like these centers are against them. So much so that one day, I walk into a nearby watering hole and sourly gaze at a wanted poster nailed to the disheartened wall near the bar. It's of me! The warlord several blocks down put a $20,000 bounty on my head.


My heart pulses with fury!


I rip the poster off the wall and pound towards warlord’s compound.


I rush towards the guard at the barricade, waving the bounty poster.


I grind my teeth as I coarsely demand an audience, I hear you’re looking for me. Let me speak to you commander.”


Eyes wide, the guard falters as he recognizes me. He’s unsure of what to do, then rushes to get his kingpin.


Moments later, the warlord nervously laughs with a rifle in hand as he approaches me.


I don’t give him a moment. I declare my stand as I shake the death sentence in my hand, “This is not OK!


You are here for war. I am here for peace. You have your job, I have mine. I am not here against you or your war. I am here for peace. Peace for you. Peace for all. So, stop this nonsense. Let me do my job and you are welcome to do yours.”


I stomp off much to his surprise.


Fear thrashes through me. My posterior is an easy target to this war riddled man who balances my life with his trigger finger. I anticipate the bullet ripping through my spine and busting through my chest. This is beyond any mindfulness technique I’ve ever used in my life!


I hear the throbbing of my heart and the hesitancy in my breath. I feel the slow walk of one bead of perspiration meander from my eyebrow to the left temple and off-trail into the cave of my ear. I even hear the each crystal of sand crackle under the tread of my peace-torn boots.


Yet, I keep stride and don’t look back.


Within 20 minutes, the bounty was lifted, my stand for peace... for world peace continues!


What is your stand in life?


If you are inspired by Jamie’s stand and story, there’s one inside of you that is time to be shared & be fully expressed. You don’t have to go to Afghanistan to be a Beacon of Peace, Love & Light.


Veronica and I invite you to declare what is most important to you and take a stand!


You can be the revelation for others right where you are.


What step are you willing to take today for your stand?


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Holding you to your highest,



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