The Inner Call for Spiritual Growth

Aug 12, 2019

Here are two stories that take you into what miracles of transformation can can happen when you 


He strips down naked in the middle of the Andean mountains of Peru…


I probably should give you some back story on this first.


It’s my third trip to Peru and I’m hiking with my newer shamanic mentor, Adolfo in the Andean Mountains hours from his cottage amongst a small village only known by the locals. We come to a mountain pass where the landscape is 360 degrees of ice capped mountains, bustling rivers, and a few turquoise blue lakes painted on the yellowed landscape below.


I recall my western shaman friend, Angelo sharing a story with me a few weeks prior to landing in Peru.


Angelo shared, “It was my first time in the mountains with my teacher, Don Antonio. We were hiking through this sacred valley at about 17,000 ft. when we come across this stunning glacier lake. The majesty of this place was breathtaking.


As we arrive, several of the shamans and porters begin to de-robe. I watch in awe as they prepare to jump into these unbelievably frigid waters. Don Antonio nudges me to do the same. I nervously shred my first layer of clothing wondering if there is a way to skip this ritual, but then realize the whole party is in their underwear waiting for me.


“Come on Angelo, hurry up!”, They encouraged.


I rushed off the rest of my covering and hesitantly meandered to the lake edge. Don Antonio nodded to continue. To waste no more time, I leapt in. Immediately, my lungs were squeezed and the goosebumps became mountains on my skin. I wondered for a moment if I would survive this plunge.


I couldn’t believe how cold it was. I was disoriented and unsure how long I had to be in there and how I was suppose to “clean” myself. What was I to do next?


I was gasping for breath and was grasping for something ashore to hold onto. There was Don Antonio’s hand. Thank God! He heaved me to land. When I stood, everyone was laughing and putting back on their clothes. Scampering to dry off and survive the biting cold I couldn’t put it all together.


I confusedly asked Don Antonio if I had done something wrong and why no one else was getting in?


He chuckled, “It’s cold in there. We’re not foolish enough to actually get in!”


The belly laughs from all of these powerful small statured men echoed through the valley. I was clearly the center of the joke.”, Angelo chuckled as he finished sharing.


Soon after remembering Angelo’s story, Adolfo, his apprentice, Victor and I come across a small lake. We pause to take in the beauty. Adolfo nonchalantly states that we will work here for awhile. Of course, seconds later, they begin to de-robe. Mouth agape, I watch in awe. I know what these two rascals are up to! This must be the same trick they do with every new westerner!


I smugly survey them as they continue to peel off, refusing to fall for their tricks.


Adolfo notices and encourages, “We are getting in to clear the negative energy from the city. It’s important for you to join us.”


It’s unfolding just like my friend Angelo’s story. I quickly scheme a plan. I will de-robe at a snail’s pace and if they are still trying to get me in the water first, I will go find a bush to use the bathroom, then figure my next step to outsmart them then.


I shake my head and nervously giggle as I arrive to my long johns. I refuse to be the fool!


The next thing I know, Victor jumps in and Adolfo follows right after him!!!


I tremble in disbelief. What is happening? This can’t be true. This is suppose to be a joke, not real! Now what do I do?


Angelo hollars, “Rapido Hermano! Vamanos (Let’s go).”


The fear rattles inside of me. I feel anger boiling in my belly. I want to run. I want to escape.        


Instead, I strip down and begrudgingly climb into the freezing water.


The water is benumbing and nearly unbearable. Yet, I feel amazing and empowered to move through this fear, resistance and scheming to just do it. The energy of that lake and the power it holds is buzzing through me.


Afterward, I feel brighter, stronger, more awake and truly alive. I would have missed an amazing opportunity if I had stayed in my shell of comfort and resistance. My next 22 trips to apprentice with Adolfo included cleaning in rivers and Andean lakes. Each time, was a profound-transformational  tool to access greater clarity, health and presence.


I share this story to invite you to step out of your comfort cage. I invite you into the unknown. I encourage you to take 3 little steps out of your box and into your spiritual awakening of true joy, freedom and purpose that awaits you. You can live your dreams now!


I would have missed out on an experience that literally upgraded me and the limitlessness of life. You too can shift right here, right now!





An evening ceremony in the Himalayas of India, the daughter of Shank’s Guru (spiritual guide) beautifully moves across the room as though she’s dancing with the wind.


She’s in a deep meditative state where she asks Shank, “What do you want?”


Shank senses the question coming from the the Divine replies, “I only want one thing... to see You in everything!”


The “Divine Mother” (the feminine form of the Divine) speaks through the woman, Meet me in the temple at midnight.  And, keep your eyes closed.


Shank a master of meditation by this time and a devout student of the Divine Mother, he arrives very early for a midnight rendezvous with God. He humbly sits in meditation covering his body with a shawl to assure he is not tempted to look to see what unfolds. He surrenders to having no idea what is to come.


A few minutes past midnight, the temple door creaks open. Shank intently listens for what’s next.


Stone Silence...


He resists his yearning to look, but to see the Divine Mother in form would be such a gift. With practiced discipline Shank stays off the desire. Moments later he feels a warm presence sitting in his lap! What he does next changes his life forever.


The presence remains in his lap asking for him to unveil himself. Shank nervously peels back his silk shawl to reveal a yellow lab sitting in his lap. The beautiful dog licks his face then trots off out of the Mother temple.


Spontaneously, Shank witnesses all of his spiritual teachers morphing into each other in front of him, then it’s Durga (the deity form he invokes daily) then it’s him, then it’s another saint, then it’s the dog. He experiences all forms as one, as “The One” in all forms. He sees everything in the room and himself as sparkling consciousness... time is suspended.


This state has remained within him for decades since that night... the sparkle of Life eternal.


This is an invitation to you into the mystery. Miracles happen when we humble ourselves into “not knowing” and opening to the unlimited possibility.


Are you willing to discover the beautiful miracle inside? If so, what step are you willing to take today in discovering the magic in you and this amazing experience?


Have you ever been in a stressful situation, dreaded what may come? At the same time, your intuition is telling you that there is an opportunity for growth, for true transformation right now? 


This is your opportunity to shift and shine.


Forgive me for not remembering the marathon runner's name... This runner was a Navy Seal. He ran a marathon on broken legs. He said something like, "When you are in a stressful situation (you're facing a big test within) your performance will be based on your training. You will inevitably will fall to your weakest level of training.


I bring this up, to encourage you to continue your inner marathon training. Do a little each day that will support you in living consciously with self mastery of your thoughts and emotions.


As you train a little each day, you will discover that your foundation of peace builds. You literally become your own life preserver in the challenging times. 


What is one simple thing you can commit to doing every day that builds your foundation of self mastery? Make it completely do-able in all situations like meditating 3 minutes every day no matter what.


We are holding for your highest spiritual growth, self actualization and self mastery.


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