The Key to Happiness

Jul 03, 2019

Happy Wednesday!

There is this simple Zen tale I really love and want to share with you that goes some­thing like this.

One day George was returning from his day of work in the fields to arrive back at his home in the village in which he’d always lived. At the edge of the village, George sees Tom, his village’s fool, wandering around outside of his home.

George wonders what the town idiot is doing so he stops to ask, “Tom, what are you doing outside wandering around like that?”

Tom anxiously replies, “Well George, I can’t seem to find my key. I’ve lost the key to my house.” 

Without further prompting, George begins to help Tom look for his key. This continues until half the town is helping Tom look for the key to his house. 

Finally near dusk, someone thinks to retrieve Alfred, the wise village elder, to help solve the koan of Tom’s foolery.

“What are you doing Thomas?” Alfred patiently asks.

Tom of course replies again, “I am looking for the key to my home.”

How long have you been looking?” Alfred asks. 

Tom replies, “All day since this morning. I was leaving to go to work, but couldn’t find the key. I’ve looked everywhere, no stone unturned.” 

The townsmen all nodded their heads in agreement. 

The town elder continued to listen and then finally asked, “Thomas, when is the last time that you saw your key?” 

Tom replied that he had last seen it on his table inside his house.

As light dimmed from the day, Alfred shined back, “Well Thomas, have you looked inside your house for the key?”

Thomas looked up with complete innocence and replied, “Of course not, it’s dark in there!”

Are you fueling an idea that “It will be better when”? When I have the money... When I have the  perfect job and boss... When I have the right relationship...  all will finally be well.

Haven’t you noticed? Many of the things you’ve gotten in hopes of feeling truly fulfilled gave you a boost for a little while, but again and again it doesn’t last.

The answer to all your struggles and strife in life, all your desires yet fulfilled, true peace of mind, absolute contentment... is not out there, it’s inside! THE KEY TO HAPPINESS IS INSIDE

All you need is a flashlight :)

If you would like support in turning your light on inside, reach out.

Wishing you a blessed inner journey,


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