How to Calm Down in 1 Minute

“How can I handle the stresses of life like war, the collapsing of the environment or loosing my job when it seems out of my control? I feel scared and am unsure how to deal with it.”


“I feel like my ego has won. All the chatter in my head tells me that I am not good enough and do not deserve anything good coming my way. It feels like I’m a burden and I’m giving up hope. Do you have any ideas on how to get out of this dark hole?”


I’ve recently had several readers and clients ask for help with words like what I’ve written above.


Have you ever found yourself feeling this way unsure of how to return to a place of peace and inner confidence?


Whether it’s an impending war, environmental destruction, loss of your job or the darkness that travels through our minds, there’s a feeling like we have no control over what will happen. There’s often a crushing feeling of fear whenever we feel like we can...

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