The Courage to Stand for Peace

This modest middle aged man, Jamie stares out at a 1,000 people from stage. From a short distance away he doesn’t look that special with his khaki pants and button down shirt. Jamie’s looks declare average in every way... average height, average weight, average looks, etc.


I don’t know it yet, but I getting ready to be blown away by this seemingly average man.


After a few moments of introduction Jamie shuffles side to side with discomfort as he says hello behind the microphone. However he puts me and the whole audience at ease with a simple toss off about his uneasiness with being on stage. His preference he says is in the trenches rather than the stage.


Shortly in to his share, Jamie takes stride, his eyes beam with light as he ushers us on a journey from from Los Angeles to Afghanistan...


I’m in Kabul as the war relentlessly pounds the people of this country. I’ve seen it before in so many places. The locals are tired, as...

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