Freedom in LOVE

“Here’s a key to WAKING UP!!! 


The self serving (part of the) ego is simply the bars we’ve put around our own heart to protect us from the traumas of the past. Drop the story from your past... drop the bars around your heart.” 


Shankarcharya’s words ring within me...


I’m having the most amazing day with 50 friends celebrating my 34th birthday (14 years ago) overlooking the cliffs and ocean off of Pointe Dume in Malibu, CA. The day, weather, people and location are perfect. I have a smile painted on my face, yet inside my stomach is churning. I’m struggling to gain a full breath. There’s a nightmare unfolding in my paradise.


I know what’s wrong. Angela, the woman I’m interested in is playing real stand-offish with me while gushing towards one of my buddies. This is a relatively new thing for me where the woman I begin date are at roadrunner speed towards me then as soon as I open my...

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